Workers of the World Weekly: December 8, 2017

Workers of the World Weekly: December 8, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

The Easiest Countries to Get a Work Visa
If you want to secure a work visa easily and experience an amazing culture off the beaten path, Agness suggests you give Cambodia a try.

Financial Case Study: Jane and Stephen, Yoga Instructor and Freelancer
My Five Acres tell us how they make a living as a yoga instructor while travelling around the world and supplementing their income with freelancing and blogging.

How I Fucked Up My Dating Life Teaching Abroad
Lauren shares her experience of living in Thailand without a significant other.

How To Get Students to Speak Up: 5 Tips for ESL Conversation Classes
Sapna shares speaking game techniques and resources to use in conversation classes.

Stay Seated and Look…: Things You Should Know About Camp
Stacey gives us an insight into her time as a camp counsellor.

WWOOFing Canada – Essential Tips From A Host
Whether you will have a positive WWOOF experience will depend a lot on your background, what kind of life you are used to and your attitude. To have a fun and unforgettable time Yrene Dee believes the main thing is to keep an open mind.

For real and current vacancies for working abroad, visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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