Workers of the World Weekly: February 5, 2016

Workers of the World Weekly: February 5, 2016

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Confessions of a Travel Writer: Working While You’re on the Road
Writing a 1600 word feature at short notice on his iPhone while on a boat in the Maldives costs Nick Boulos a slice of paradise and £694 in data charges.

How I Managed to Get Hired to Work on a Cruise Ship
Five weeks, three Skype Interviews and a teaching demo after a friend sent her a Yahoo News article about Workers of the World Weekly regular Wandering Earl, Eartha gets ready to work in the Caribbean.

Semester at Sea: Settling in on the Ship
Along with her family, Kara Williams joins 465 students, 41 faculty members, 28 staff, 44 Lifelong Learners, and 180 crew members onboard the MV Explorer Sunday as the communications coordinator for the voyage.

Rise of Digital Nomad Destinations
Ben Keene of Tribewanted lists ten projects that are changing the way we travel, work and live.

A Guide To Teaching English in Hong Kong
Jonny Blair spent three years out in the Kong teaching English to all levels of students.

6 Lessons I Learned While Teaching in the “Land of Smiles”
Laura Lopez-Blazquez decided on her 25th birthday to move to Thailand, getting a job teaching at a small, government school in Sukhothai.

One Day in the Life of a Cabin Crew
Welcome to life with a low cost airline, says Noelfy savouring the 25 minutes she spends in the airport in a different country.

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