Workers of the World Weekly

Workers of the World Weekly: January 27, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Travel Dreams: How to Make a New Life Abroad
Want to know what it’s like to give everything up and escape to more exotic climes? The Guardian shares the stories of inspiring travellers that have made it work in all sorts of ways.

My Working Holiday: Agnese
Agnese spent nine months working in Sydney and then three months travelling around the country on a working holiday visa in Australia.

Going With The Flow
Nigel Quinn gets a teaching job in rural Thailand.

The Camp Counsellor Survival Guide
When selling the dream of idyllic lakes and new friends recruiters often forget to mention the lack of sleep, threat of bug bites and fatty bum bum food. Rebecca Root reveals how to make it as a counsellor.

House Sitting in the French Alps
Who would turn down two weeks on a beautiful lake in the French Alps taking care of three girls by the names of Rosie, Sally and Mary? Certainly not Brittany and Charlie.

Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Volunteering
It’s decided. You’re going to take the plunge and volunteer abroad. But where do you even begin? How do you decide what type of placement you’re looking for, which country, or even with which organisation? Steph Dyson is at hand to help.

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