Workers of the World Weekly: January 6, 2017

Workers of the World Weekly: January 6, 2017

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Touring Europe on a Double Decker Bus: an Interview with Miranda Lee
Internships abroad can be a brilliant way to see the world, but chances are you won’t find one quite like the experience 24 year old Miranda Lee completed when she spent four months travelling around Europe on a double decker bus with Memrise, a language learning app.

Travel Nightmares (Part 3)
A broke Melissa Giroux travelled across a continent, from Sydney to Perth, to become a dairy farmer and complete her 88 days of regional work and qualify for a second year working holidaymaker visa.

Why I Nearly Left South Korea as Soon as I Arrived
Alison Karlene cries and calls her mum before Korea wins her over.

How I Got Fired From My Dodgy Job in Korea
Jesus doesn’t want Ian for an English teacher.

Travel Talk with Kim-Ling: An Australian Teaching English in Pozoblanco, Spain
Kirstie Jeffries speaks to Brisbane native, Kim-Ling, about her year teaching as an auxiliar de conversación in a small village in Andalucía.

10 Practical Au Pair Skills
Elizabeth Harding knew she would be looking after three children, but not a whole lot more, when she started her au pair job in Madrid.

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