Workers of the World Weekly: June 3, 2015

Workers of the World Weekly: June 3, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

The Day I Became An Expert: One Article, Millions Of Opinions (The Problem With Little White Girls…One Year Later)
A year after one of her posts went viral with over two million views, Pippa Biddle feels more comfortable identifying herself both as a writer and with some of the other opportunities the post opened up for her.

Working While Traveling: Bartending at a Hostel
The last thing Ryan wanted to think about when he started travelling was working, but his friend Dillon, who worked in Antigua, Guatemala, makes a persuasive argument that it’s an easy way to keep more money in your pocket and get to now a city better.

The Most Baffling Student I Ever Met: Chicken-Bean
Amy ponders on a good but strange boy she has nicknamed Chicken-Bean.

Words Fail Me (or What It’s Like to Live in Bhutan)
Ashley Lenzen tries to express how she feels about living in Bhutan, where she and husband Mike volunteered for 12 months in a school.

Defying Fan Death – One Night at a Time
An English teacher in South Korea defies superstition and manages to wake up alive despite sleeping with the fan on.

Confessions of a Former Au Pair: An Interview with Yara Coelho
Yara has had seven au pair gigs over the years. While she encourages other travellers to try it, she personally will never work as an au pair ever again. Why? Find out on Nomad Wallet.

Why I Won’t Work For Free (And You Shouldn’t Either!)
Angie Orth rages against the moneyed companies trying to get her to do work for them for free.

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