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Workers of the World Weekly: March 9, 2018

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

How Millennials Are Finding Purpose (and a Better Life) in Guatemala
Accused of being entitled, lazy, shiftless and making no account of themselves, Millennials are getting a bad rap, says Jenn Miller. She reports on some of the young travellers who have moved to Guatemala where they are building businesses that employ local people, running NGOs that get at the root causes of poverty, and building a life for themselves in a place that is more home to them than where they were born.

My Workaway Experience At Shankari’s Retreat In Bali
In her first week in Bali, Bogna suffered food poisoning and a motorbike accident but things perked up when she and her then partner volunteered for the owners of a hotel/resort and a jewellery business.

17 Things You Need To Know About the Auxiliares Program
Ever dream about fields of oranges, flamenco dancers and taking a nap during the day? If yes the Auxiliares program could be the way to do i, despite the irritation of having to teach a bit of English to Spanish students.

Finding a Job on Your Australian Working Holiday Visa: Melbourne Edition
It’s an expensive place is Australia, but for Katie the best solution to that problem is getting a Working Holiday Visa.

My Working Holiday: Sophie from Saints on a Plane
Kat questions Sophie, a UK based travel blogger who lived and worked in Melbourne for two years on a Working Holiday Visa.

10 Insider Tips for Teaching ESL in the Middle East
Teaching positions in the Middle East are extremely lucrative, and the benefits packages can be very attractive, with some including a tax free salary, housing benefits, relocation allowances, medical coverage, paid holidays and large contract bonuses. With such enticing benefits, Christie Van Tol says it’s no wonder that the Middle East is one of the most sought after regions for teaching abroad.

For real and current vacancies for working abroad, visit the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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