Workers of the World Weekly: May 18, 2018

Workers of the World Weekly: May 18, 2018

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

The Ultimate Guide to 47 Work Abroad Programs Around the World
Whether you choose to teach, work as a ski instructor, au pair, or something else entirely, you can see the world while making money at the same time, says Jeremy Scott Foster. He comes up with this cracking list of options.

What I’ve Learned From Slinging Pisco Sours
Ayngelina reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of working in a hostel bar.

Tips for Teaching Teens in a Chinese Public School
Becky in China gives some useful tips when you are faced with teaching a group of Chinese teenagers.

Living in Korea
Are you looking to teach English or study abroad? If so, moving to Korea may be the perfect place for you to consider living, say the Sattvic family. The country also makes for the perfect home base to explore elswhere in the region.

Want to Nurse Abroad? 6 Things You Must to Know
While many nurses have found working abroad to be an enjoyable and enriching experience, others had regretted their decision when reality did not meet their expectations. To avoid disappointment, you need to do lots of research to find the best fit for you – your language and cultural background, your character and personality and your reason for wanting to work in another country.

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center
Sadie gives us the lowdown on life as a volunteer in the middle of the jungle in North Sulawesi – animal photos included.

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