Workers of the World Weekly: May 6, 2015

Workers of the World Weekly: May 6, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Working Aboard A Caribbean Sailing Yacht
The Runaway Guide writes from the sun deck of an 80 foot yacht plying its trade between Panama and Colombia.

Golf For Free: Volunteering For The PGA Tour In Kuala Lumpur
There are plenty of motivations for volunteering but sometimes it can just be about free beer and watching sport.

Ten Commandments for Seasonnaires
Things to keep in mind when caught up in the ski season bubble.

Finally Being Honest: The Story of How I Really Feel About Korea
Jessica Wray confesses that at times she didn’t like South Korea.

My Life as a German Movie Star
Considering some of the scrapes she’s been in since, Adventurous Kate’s brief career as a film extra in a German movie called Tourist in Danger.was prophetic.

The Beginning of the End
Kirsty Henderson’s ‘magic money’ gravy train is screeching to a halt.

Volunteering on a Lion Project in Antelope Park in Zimbabwe
Anna chops up cows, walks lions and plays with dry elephant poo.

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