Workers of the World Weekly: October 14, 2015

Workers of the World Weekly: October 14, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

OH NO… I Broke Something!
The not quite so tragic story of a lamp in the care of Nat and Jodie during their house sit in upstate New York.

Teaching in Singapore
Michael Allan Charles describes the lifestyle in ‘Asia lite’.

12 Cheapest Cities To Work Remotely
Trisha Velarmino balances volunteering and work exchanges with working online. Here she compares the cost of living and internet speeds in a dozen European and Asian cities.

Life as a Digital Nomad: My Advice and Truths
Spurred by readers’ emails, wandering Londoner Frankie Thompson answers questions on earning money as a copywriter, a travel writer, a ghost blogger, freelance researcher and an author of fiction.

Volunteering on a Campsite in Portugal
Els cleans showers and toilets and helps with dinner preparations on a campsite in Portugal’s Beira Alta region.

Volunteering in Vietnam: Teaching with Sapa O’Chau
Natasha teaches a basic financial literacy course to young girls from the local Black Hmong community in the hills of northern Vietnam.

FAQs: Teaching English in Thailand
Teaching English abroad has been the most rewarding experience of Kate’s life so far. She provides the answers to some of the questions those thinking of carving out their own teaching adventure may have.

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