Workers of the World Weekly

Workers of the World Weekly: October 28, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

The Very Worst English Teacher
Despite quickly realising the stereotype of quiet, super well behaved Chinese students isn’t true, Rebekah muddles through with her classes of stinkers, monsters and baby communists.

The A to Z of Career Break Planning, Part 2: I to Q
Julie Sykes’ second instalment of career break advice.

My Journey From Office Worker to Digital Nomad
From his beginnings pitching up in Lanzarote in January with no job and nowhere to live, Graham Snelgrove talks about making the transition from office worker in the UK to living and working abroad as a freelance writer finding working via internet job boards.

How Can I Afford to Travel and How Much Money I Earn From Travel Blogging
Grab some popcorn or a coffee because Sabrina Iovino is going to go into detail about her life as a travel blogger, including she went from earning $37 a month to over $2000 in under a year.

Meet Candace: Artist Working Her Way Around the World
Running into two old friends led Candace Rose Rardon into her first job overseas as a personal assistant to two professors at a London university, and onto New Zealand under their working holiday visa.

How can I GET on the Peace Boat?
Chance Alberg, an EPIK teacher in South Korea, answers readers’ questions on applying to volunteer on Peace Boat, a Japan based international NGO that carries out its main activities through a chartered passenger ship travelling the world on peace voyages.

6 Lies You Tell Yourself When You’re Volunteering Off the Grid
Vanessa Van Doren compares the reality of volunteering with her preconceived ideas.

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