Workers of the World Weekly: October 7, 2016

Workers of the World Weekly: October 7, 2016

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

How to Know if Being a Tour Leader is Right for You
Daydreaming about all the places, restaurants and sights she would show off whenever friends visited, Jessica Wray always knew tour leader was an obvious job for her. Some leaders however sign up thinking it’s for them, only to quit a few weeks down the line, so Jessica has detailed for us what she thinks are the necessary qualities to be able to enjoy and succeed at this job.

How to Work as a Dive Guide and Travel the World
Working as dive professionals in Tanzania, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia has enabled Prue and Becks to stay afloat whilst remaining physically submerged, a dream of theirs since their teens. Anna Phipps asks them what it is like to be a dive guide.

How to Do a Campervan Relocation in Australia
In last week’s WotWW Nina Ragusa had scored a retail job in a surf shop and a bartending gig in Darwin. To get across Australia from Melbourne Nina worked her passage paying a dollar a day, plus fuel, to relocate a campervan.

Au Pair Questions To Ask Your Future Host Family
Though Alex Butts has no idea what questions she actually did ask her host family here are 13 she would put to them if she could do it all over again.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… To Teach in Thailand
Craig and Melissa take some time out from teaching young children at a school in Thailand to enlighten aspiring TEFL teachers as to what they can expect if they too are hired to teach in the country.

Has House Sitting Changed?
When Josie and Conrad first looked after a stranger’s home in Denmark in 2009 house sitting was little known but the concept has since grown immensely. How have things changed?

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