Workers of the World Weekly: September 09, 2015

Workers of the World Weekly: September 09, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Taking Chances: Accepting a Job in Taiwan
Christine Broderick Hawrylak headed to Taiwan with five other girls for a year of adventure, dividing her time between a kindergarten and an after school English programme.

VIDEO: Working Holiday Visa Australia, Your Questions Answered
Beverley makes a video for those that want to go to Australia on a working holiday visa but don’t know where to start.

Volunteering at an Animal Orphanage in Iquitos, Peru: Saving the Red Faced Uakari
Corey Callahan pushes his body on 30km treks through the Amazon to help a fellow primate.

Why Working as a Digital Nomad is Not for Me
During her four month trip to Asia, Ashley Fleckenstein began to resent the weight of her laptop and found working as a digital nomad sucked the fun and excitement out of travel.

6 Ways Travel Bloggers Make Money While Travelling
Polish tramps Agness and Cez ask seven travel bloggers to share their tips on how they have been supported their voyages across the globe.

Weekend Photo Theme – Housesitting With Pets
From the sphinx like Louis in Spain to Olga the hamster in the UK, Dale and Franca share some pictures of their furry friends.

Alli and Brian’s Tioman Time, Part Deux
12 months on Malaysia’s Tioman Island doing sea turtle work and outdoor education.

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