Workers of the World Weekly: September 16, 2015

Workers of the World Weekly: September 16, 2015

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

The Stages Of Working A Hostel Graveyard Shift
The full gamut of emotions from midnight to morning in gif form.

6 Reasons Why I Quit my ESL Training Center Job
For Kevin Cook, moving from Thailand to China to teach ESL was a good choice, but signing up to teach at a training centre was a bad move. Here are 6 reasons why he ditched that gig.

How to Avoid High PayPal Fees: A Lucrative Trick for Freelancers
Alexis Grant passes on a useful tip.

Change Your Office View: Full Time RVing Workspaces
We can’t even drive but we still love a looksee inside an RV.

Why Volunteer? To Save You Money
One of the main benefits of volunteering around the globe is that it can save you an absolute tonne of money, says GKM’s Emma.

Seven Reasons YOU Should House Sit
The Travelling Weasels ask why wouldn’t you want free accommodation?

Surprising Ways to Pay for Your Dream Trip Abroad
Natalie Jesionka investigates ways to make international travel a reality on any budget.

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