Blogger’s Guides to Working Abroad

Working Abroad

We enlist the help of bloggers from around the world to describe their own experiences working abroad.

Tourism, Catering & Hospitality
Travel bloggers recount how, among other things, they have managed a tiny Beijing bar, worked on cruise ships, operated a bungy trampoline, cleaned hostels and lead walking tours around Buenos Aires.

Ski Resort Jobs
From management to ski bums via instructors and chalet hosts, ski season workers describe their experiences working in ski resorts around the world.

Summer Camps & Activity Centres
For many a summer spent working at a summer camp in the USA is the best job they ever had. Though most of these writers worked much more recently, we have collected camp counsellor memories from as far back as the 60s.

Childcare & Domestic
Vicariously spend a day in the life of au pairs working in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and elsewhere. Past and present au pairs describe the highs and lows of crossing the planet to look after someone else’s children.

Teaching English
From students crying at the sight of them to adoration, teachers tell us more about their daily lives trying to explain the rules of the English language to foreigners.

Agriculture & Animals
Though it is not always the most popular job to take, fruit picking has saved many a traveller from an empty belly and no place to sleep for the night. These writers impart their words of wisdom for sticking it out in this physically demanding job.

Digital Nomad & Location Independent
The holy grail of working abroad is taking your job, and income, with you. Whether working from the beach or perched on the end of the bed in a grotty hostel bumming wifi from the bar next door, digital nomads, full time bloggers, travel writers, guidebook contributors and authors all make their living with the written word, so it is no surprise we have found plenty of advice on these subjects.

Other Work
House sitters, buskers, Bollywood film extras, clinical trial volunteers and entreprenuers tell their tales. We also put general working abroad or multi subject articles here.

Volunteer Work & Gap Years
Sometimes the experience matters more than money. Volunteer work is increasingly on the bucket list of many travel travellers and these travel bloggers tell us more about doing good or working for food in every corner of the globe.

Workers of the World Profiles
Short Profiles of working travellers with an online presence including links to posts about their working abroad experiences.

Image courtesy Jamie McCaffrey