Au Pair and Nanny Jobs Abroad

Employed! Katie the Nanny
Katie prepares for her first day in charge of two German children.

My First Week as an Au Pair in France
Poor Jana Fadness spends most of her first week au pairing either locked in or out of doors or driving around in circles.

Au Pair Abroad: 4 Stories of Travel and Cultural Immersion
Brooke Schoenman interviews au pairs working in the USA, the Netherlands, Italy and France.

All Around the World of Au Pairs
The low down of the au pair regulations in 13 countries around the world.

Au Pair Life and Eyebrows
A Manc living in Paris wonders if she should be allowed to look after other people’s children.

The Time I Was an Au Pair in Europe
After a poor start, Amanda’s au pair job helped immerse her in to Italian culture.

How to Get a (Good) Au Pair Job
Amanda follows up on her experiences as an au pair in Rome with some tips.

My Life as an Au Pair. Chapter 2: In Which I Grow a Pair
Canadian Maria looks back on her days as an au pair in France when she admirably resisted bludgeoning ‘Maman’ repeatedly about the head.

6 Good Reasons to be an Au Pair, 6 Reasons Never to do it
A humourous look at the good and bad aspects of being an au pair.

A Day in the Life of an Au Pair in Breukelen, Netherlands
Nancy Harder descibes her day looking after two kids, aged 7 and 4.

The Life on an Au Pair
Writing for University Times, staff writer Jane Farrell, descibes the 11 weeks she spent with a family in the Italian seaside town of Albissola Marina in Liguria.

Au Pair Affairs
Another day in the life of post, this time from Christina, an American living in Germany.

Are These the Best Jobs in Travel?
Four ski nannies talk about their work.

Live Abroad as an Au Pair
Deciding to become an au pair can be one of the best choices if you are a travel lover and interested in learning a new language and culture, says Yara Coelho.

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