Digtal Nomad and Location Independent Jobs

101 Places to Stay in Asia for under $501 a Month
A magnificent list for anyone looking to find somewhere cheap to live.

87 Places to Stay in Latin America for Under $501 a Month
Another great list of long stay options, this time in South and Central America.

A Realistic Version Of The Typical Blogger At The Beach
Yes, yes – a great post for those of us that detest working outdoors.

Where to live in Chiang Mai Map Included
If you do decide to come and work in Chiang Mai then this map and guide can help with picking your favoured part of the city to live in.

A Brief History of Digital Nomading
Christine Gilbert traces a line from 1983, with the appearance of the first digital nomad, to the backlash against bloggers and the future.

10 years as a Digital Nomad
James Clark has been doing the digital nomad thing since before wifi.

How I Make Money Online To Support My Travels
Wandering Earl answers the question, “what does ‘working online’ really mean?”

So How Can I Earn Enough Money to Travel the World?
Theodora provides advice on which skills can be used to create a location independent work thing income.

9 Things I’ve Learned in 8 Years as a Nomad
Amy Scott passes on the just over one thing a year she has discovered since leaving San Francisco for Lima.

69 Travel Blogging Tips From the Top Travel Bloggers
From what to blog, through design and social media, to motivation and making money, some people with computers give out their advice.

How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 4 – How Travel Bloggers Do It
Lash’s fourth instalment in her guide to long term travel focuses on working online.

I Want to Know Your Secret
Craig Makepeace tells of the trials and bankruptcies that lie behind making a success of yTravel Blog.

The Problems We Face Becoming Location Independent
Eloise and Stu highlight some of the difficulties encountered in setting up their online business.

How to blog with an iPod Touch
You don’t have to lug a heavy laptop around to get your words and pictures online.

Do I really want to be a travel blogger?
More introspection, this time by Eytan.

Is it Possible to Make a Full Time living From Travel Blogging?
With travel bloggers getting book deals, is it possible to earn a good living from travel blogging alone? David Whitley asked a few of the industry’s biggest names.

The Secret Life of a Nomadic Web Designer
Never Ending Voyage’s Simon Fairbairn’s documentary exposes the lie that nomadic web designing is all big breasted Latino girls, sunshine and flowers.

Amazon Publishing with Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage
A video interview with the Talbots who gave up good jobs, great friends and a comfortable lifestyle to travel the world.

The Ten Coolest “Offices” I’ve Ever Had
Sean Ogle presents his list of favourite sky towers, resorts and jungle bungalows where he has plonked down his laptop and got to work.

Why Blogging is Hard Part 1 – Hello?
When Ed Rex’s friends ask what he has been up to and where he’s been, he narrows his eyes and says, ‘didn’t you see on my blog?’

The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 2: Tax, Visas, Flights & Security
Erin and Simon cover the rather dull but essential details that make it possible to work while travelling.

How To Maintain A Work/Travel Balance
Travel blogging, says Jasmine, is sipping mojitos on a Mexican beach, riding camels in the Saharan desert, and partying every night combined with lots of time spent on a laptop locked up in hotel rooms, slaving away into the wee hours of the morning.

Attempting to Woo Rwandan Advertisers
Kirsty Henderson begins to think about accepting ads on her Kigali website.

The Real Business of Travel Blogging
Nomadic Matt writes on his personal website.

Do You Make This PayPal Currency Conversion Mistake?
Jean Galea comes up with a simple idea.

What do Digital Nomads Consider When Choosing Locations?
When you have the advantage of being able to work from anywhere in the world, how do you decide where to go?

How to Stay Productive While Travelling
Advice from Kelly Dunning on how to manage the work life balance while on the move.

(The Truth About) How to Earn a Full Time Income From Travel Blogging
Runaway Jane injects a dose of reality into the expectations of those thinking this travel blogging lark is easy.

YouToo can earn £100,000 on YouTube
Rebecca Ratcliffe investigates how people make a living making videos.

One Year as a Digital Nomad: Do You Have What it Takes?
Well, do you?

The Answer to Your 7 Biggest Location Independent Problems
Seven questions and seven solutions to working from wherever takes your fancy.

The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 1: Insurance, Health, Banking & Retirement
Erin and Simon write a post on the practicalities of becoming a digital nomad.

Chiang Mai – A Digital Nomad Review
Chiang Mai has a reputation as the world’s ‘unofficial blogging capital’. Jean Galea investigates whether the reality matches the hype.

Wandering Earl’s Guide To Travel Blogging…Sort Of
Though he has no real idea how he has become a successful travel blogger, Wandering Earl is clearly doing something right..

Financial Travel Tip #74 – Managing an Online Business and Volunteering
Nora Dunn makes her money online and saves it volunteering for free accommodation. But this brings its own challenge.

Changes in the Digital Nomad World
A nomadic working life is easier than when this once pioneering site started in 2005.

My Plans for a Google Intimidation Free Online Income
Kirsty Henderson is one traveller inspired by the site above to earn an online income. She has since kicked on to becoming an inspiration to others wanting to do the same but recognises the flaws in a business model overly reliant on The Big G.

The Realities of a Location Independent Life
Jennifer Miller answers how it’s possible to make more money working 20 hours a week and travelling the world with her kids than she did working more than 40 hours a week for a big computer company.

What Would Happen to My Online Business if I Died?
Chris Huntley, who works in life insurance, considers what will happen to our online business if we get hit by a bus in Bangkok, Berlin or Bogota.

On Sponsored Posts – A Quick Chat About Biznass
Meg and Tony try to balance the one for them, one for us approach to travel blogging.

Part 3 of 10 ways to supplement your teaching income.

Exotic life for Aussie ‘Digital Nomads’
Three location independent workers describe their lifestyle to Australia’s The Age newspaper.

Interview with Location Independent Copywriter John McIntyre
John McIntyre talks about his background, what makes Chiang Mai so great and gives some advice for aspiring copywriters in this interview.

Travel Blogger University
The journey of a travel blogger.

The Globetrotter Girls Talk Sponsored Travel
Travel bloggers answer questions on getting freebies.

Jack the Hack: Advice to All You Expat Writers: Publish and be Damned
Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies, offers his advice to expats looking to publish their gin soaked memoirs.

Zanzibits: My First Travel Blogging Presentation
Vicky Philpott stands in front of a class of children to extol the virtues of WordPress.

What Makes a Good Digital-Nomad Destination?
Roger Wade, who maintains his own website Price of Travel from Turkey, assesses the key requirements for a good digital nomad destination and makes his recommendations.

Interview With Travel Writer and International Student Sara Kate Egan
Pola Henderson speaks to Sara Kate Egan on studying in Krakow.

The Single Most Important Piece of Advice for Freelance Writers
David Whitley suggests travel writers build a reputation for reliability.

Our Adsense Authority Site Failure
The Adsense Flippers try something different.

A Day in the Life of a Teen Entrepreneur
Bethany Looi is a teen who works as a virtual assistant to internet marketers.

Notes on not (yet) making a living as a freelance writer in Phnom Penh
Lauren Quinn gets an article published about not writing published articles.

So You Want to be a Pro Blogger in the Travel Business
Dave and Deb, who bill themselves as Canada’s Adventure couple, are two of the most successful travel bloggers. Here they detail what is required to succeed in this business.

The Story of How I Became a Full Time Travel Blogger
Runaway Jane tells how she went from in debt student to pro blogger.

Editing On The Road with Rachel Kowalczyk
Editing a book manuscript, managing a blog on experiential travel in Central America, and overseeing company communications for a resort are among the jobs that have taken Rachel from Chicago to Panama.

Travel Blogging Today: It’s Complicated
The New York Times investigates the relationship between travel bloggers and sponsors.

How to Be a Successful Full-Time Blogger in 6 Months
Catherine Alford’s blog started as a hobby and has grown into a legitimate business that has the potential to support her full time.

My Irrational Fear of Digital Nomads or What I Learned About Myself at BlogHouse
Laura and Lance like their jobs and house and, because they weren’t willing to give both up, weren’t sure they could call themselves travel bloggers.

My First Year of Travel Blogging
The initial 365 online days of a Kiwi abroad.

How I Became a Travel Writer
Matt Gibson path to travel writing began aged ten with a story about a cat.

Travel Expert for Think Places
Jonny Blair discusses one of his side projects.

Two Great Jobs To Have Online and Work On The Road
A couple of ways to stay away from the office.

Nomadic Interviews: Tom & Jenny of Till The Money Runs Out
A brief meeting with two fellow travellers inspires Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney to start their own app business.

Amsha Website Launch & Life Plans (For Now)
Laura launches her business selling accessories made by artisans in Kenya and Rwanda.

The Business of Running a Popular Travel Blog
Gary Arndt provides a peek behind the scenes of his leading travel blog.

The Dream of The Unplugged Vacation
What looks like a holiday to her friends is business as usual for Suzy Guese.

18 Reasons Why Chiang Mai Makes a Perfect Digital Nomad Headquarters
Randomly throw a ball in Chiang Mai and chances are it will hit a travel blogger. Erin, of Never Ending Voyage, explains why the city is so popular with digital nomads.

Essential Reads for Digital Nomads: Blog Edition
On her own blog this time, Erin takes some pictures of Simon in front of a laptop and arranges them among a list of articles useful to digital nomads. We do much the same thing here but with far fewer pictures of Simon.

Writing Travel Articles on Spec: Why It’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing
David Whitley suggests it is sometimes worth a gamble to sell our writing.

The Definitive Guide to Making Money with Your Travel Blog
Alex Ritter, who manages the business side of Travelated, describes the methods he used to attract over $15,000 in 2011.

How Much Money Can A Travel Blog Make? My Story
From almost snatching the arm of the first advertiser that offered him $60 to $2500 a week, Johnny Ward provides some solid figures from his own journey as a travel blogger.

Is Microstock Photography a Viable Source of Income for a Traveller?
Though he admits to making only micromoney, Brendan van Son does pay half of his monthly food bill through shooting stock images.

Paid for Travel Writing – All Those Dollars
Advice for making the transition to paid travel writer

Freelance Writer Rates: Who Pays the Most Online
A generally upbeat assessment of what online publications are paying writers.

Getting Started as a Travel Writer
Matt Gibson answers a reader’s question to his blog.

My Routine for 12 Hour Work Day: Travel Blogger Version
An average day in the life of Runaway Juno.

Last Day at Work, First Day as a Freelance Writer
A special day for Miruna Corneanua.

Reality of Living & Working on a Deserted Beach
Rob describes the Pros and even thinks up some Cons to working by the sea.

What Making a Documentary Feels Like – Post-Production Edition
A snapshot into Drew and Christine’s efforts to distill over 100 hours of footage into their documentary, The Wireless Generation.

My Journey: Self-Published to Big Publishing Deal
Torre pinches herself, then slaps herself around the face before accepting she is awake and has hit the big time when her self published book is picked up by major publishers and Hollywood.

Travel Writing Corner: Interview with Jeremy Head
Nellie Huang asks Jeremy Head how he broke into travel writing and his advice to others wanting to do the same.

Is the Travel Blogging Lifestyle Really That Great?
On his own site this time, Jeremy presents the downside to working as a digital nomad and learns what happens when he pokes at a few sacred cows.

How I Make Money and Afford to Travel
Nomadic Matt, one of the big beasts of the travel blogging industry, puts into writing how he pays the bills.

Adventures in Epublishing with Wild Junket Magazine
Nellie Huang and her husband Alberto tell Jeremy Head about their venture into digital magazine publishing.

How We Got Started as Digital Nomads
Erin and Simon reveal the influences behind Never Ending Voyage and how they are able to remain permanently on the road.

How Kirsty Henderson makes over $5,000 per month selling guest posts on her websites
A video interview with the Nerdy Nomad.

My 10 Year Journey to Becoming a Travel Writer
Though she had always been involved in the industry it is only after a decade that Gina feels able to call herself a travel writer.

How to Make Money While You Travel
A look at some online ways to stay in the black while on the road.

The Secret Lives of 7 Digital Nomads
Seven travel bloggers tell STA’s Ant Stone what it is like to be able to work at the beach.

From Blog to Magazine: Our Story
Nellie Huang shares her story on how they created their digital magazine.

How to Publish an iPad Travel Magazine
Frommer’s Mark Henshall talks on the ethos behind Overnight Buses Travel Magazine to Travel Blather’s Jeremy Head.

How to Get Published: Tips for Budding Travel Writers
The editor of Vagabundo Magazine, Brendan van Son, provides five tips to help sell our travel writing.

How I Became a Travel Writer
Everyone arrives at the job of travel writer by a different path. Matt Gibson leads us down his.

Make a Living With YouTube Videos
The JetSetCitizen posts a short but interesting piece about a clever way to make money online.

How to Really Make Money from a Travel Blog – An Overview of 14 of the Biggest Names in the Industry
The likes of Chris Guillebeau, Gary Arndt, Matt Kepnes and Anil Polat reveal their moneymaking strategies.

10 of the Best Resources for New Travel Bloggers
Simon Peterson writes an article in a style much like this one.

Got Questions About Sponsored Travel? We’ve Got Answers
Barbara Weibel has blagged hotel stays, meals, attractions, car rentals, tours and multi-day tours, as well as occasionally accepting travel related products for review

Nora Left Her Six-Figure Income to Travel Full Time as a Writer
An interview with Nora Dunn, who said goodbye to her six-figure income to embrace a life of travel.

How to Sign a Digital Document and Email Without a Scanner and Printer
A very handy tip from Wade Shepard.

Working From the Road Without a Laptop: Yes, it’s Possible
Johanna Read reviews hotels on her website via an iPad.

How to Invoice International Clients Without Paying Tons of Fees
Carrie Smith’s guide to keeping fees down.

How I Became a Digital Nomad And Why I Love it
Ashray Baruah is Wanderlust’s blog of the week.

10 Cool Offices I’ve had as a Digital Nomad
Stephen Bugno presents his favourite temporary offices.

I’m a Full time Youtuber AMA!
Questions answered on Reddit.

22 Things I’ve Learned as a Digital Nomad
Clayton Cornell pauses in Lombok to reflect on the things he has learnt since quitting his job two years previously.

Work-Life Haven: Why Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads are Settling in Bali
Bright, driven folk striking out on their own have realised they can live and work in paradise, rather than just holiday in it. So what business realisations are travellers having on their wanderings around Bali?

IamA Digital Nomad and Traveller, 5 Years Ago I Quit My Job to Travel. 5 Continents, 30+ Countries and Counting
Lee Carter of Global Goose goes on Reddit and says ‘ask me anything’.

Thinking of Starting a Travel Blog? Go For it!
Vicki Philpot offers some encouragement.

How I Stay Organized While Traveling, Working & Being A Fool
Like Steve Martin, Wandering Earl is a man with two brains.

Travel the World for a Living! 14 Travel Bloggers Share Their Secrets
Lauren shares the advice of 14 travel bloggers.

Freelancing on the Road With Lauren Razavi
Multi tasking freelancing and everything but love for monotony have taken Lauren from Norwich to some of the most amazing spots on the planet. Inma puts the questions to her.

Sex and the Magic Secrets to Getting Published
Torre DeRoche strokes her moustache and contemplates putting a pen in her vagina before confiding the reasons behind landing her book deal.

How I Got Fired from the Job I Invented
Turner Barr causes a bit of a stir.

Dream Meets Reality: Life As An Expat Entrepreneur
Justin Cooke shows a picture of a beach and asks if this is your next office?

Travel Dork: 10 Questions With Nomadic Matt
An interview with Matt Kepnes.

A Couple Travelers By The Numbers: May’13 Income – $9036.3
Vicky and Dave post their income.

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