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Seeing Red: Fruit Picking in the Huon Valley
Travelling Chuck staves off destitution by helping to bring in a strawberry crop in Tasmania.

The Day I… Did a Shit in a Broccoli Field
Jonny Blair enjoyed his farming days in Tasmania but some days were more crap than others.

Working Wednesdays: Broccoli Harvesting in Moriarty, Australia
When Jonny Balir asked his workmateswhere the city centre of Moriarty is, they pointed to a “community hall” and a Fire Station.

Broccoli Fields Forever
Let Jonny Blair take you down to broccoli fields.

Today I’m a Strawberry
Matthew Lech describes a day on a fruit farm.

My Working Experience in Australia
Disappointed not to run into any hot TV lifeguards on Bondi, Sara turned to WWOOFing before she landed a paying fruit picking job in Shepparton.

A Summer Job in California’s Marijuana Fields
Derek heads into the mountains to take on a less than usual picking job.

Kiwi Fruit Picking in Tauranga and Te Puke
Willy Naylor’s tips on how he found work picking kiwi fruit includes a few contact names.

Halloween and Fruit Picking in Ayr
Lennart started picking chilies before moving on to the back breaking capsicum crop.

How and Where to Find the Best Fruit Picking Regions in Australia
The Australian government deems it necessary that anyone looking to get a 12 month extension on their Working Holiday Visa must first complete 88 days of work in a specified industry in regional Australia, which for most means fruit picking. TNT’s Hugh Radojev and Adele Rogers provide tips.

Kiwi Packing
While eating a hostel breakfast in New Zealand, a Welshman offers Amberly Young a job.

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  1. steven

    Hi considering travel farm work hangman good with my hands lol

  2. steven

    Considering travel farm work good with my hands lol

  3. Tkay

    Muscle aches and dirt…Farm work may look like alot and lacking beauty. But with green and growth all around you. This becomes very therapeutic.

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