Other Ways to Work Abroad

Making Friends with Chaos
Little did Xenia Elsaesser expect when she took her modern language year abroad in Bolivia that she would become a co-founder of an English language newspaper.

Who Needs A Comfort Zone Anyway? Building Character Abroad: The Employment Edition
A lack of certificates, references or experience and an excess of red tape all held MaryAnne Oxendale back in her native Canada, but in China her options are far greater as it is assumed she can swim when thrown in the deep end.

A Day as an Extra on the Tsunami Film, The Impossible
Though he didn’t realise it at the time, for the past ten years James Clark has been using method acting techniques for his role of sitting in front of a computer in a Hollywood film about the 2004 Boxing Day disaster.

42 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World
Wandering Earl thinks up three and a half dozen ways to work your way around the world.

A Day in the Life: Digital Strategist
Edna Zhou managed the social media marketing for a supermodel reality tv show in Singapore.

Dream Travel Job: How Edna Got a Gig at the Olympics
After gaining experience by volunteering for other sports events, Edna Zhou earns herself a paid job at the London Olympics.

How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 2 – How I Do It
Lash explains how she has been able to afford 14 years of world travels.

How To Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 3 – How Other Long-Term Travelers Do It
In part 2 of this series Lash told us how she has worked abroad. This time she focuses on how other travellers do it.

How to Land Jobs Along the Way While you Travel
Nora Dunn chats with Deborah Benbrook on running hostels in Chile and Thailand and getting around work visa regulations to pick fruit in New Zealand.

25 Ways to Make Money While You Travel
From web design and palm reading to au pairing and teaching, Global Goose think up over two dozen ideas to keep you on the road.

The Easiest 5 Jobs to Travel The World With
Jonny Blair picks five jobs he considers are easy to get, easy to do and you earn good money.

Street Performers for Two Weeks (Slovenia to Poland Without Money)
Jamie puts some questions to two unusually dressed guys juggling, playing ukeleles, and performing on a slack line.

Why Don’t You Just Get a Real Job?
Because the one I’ve got is so much more fulfilling, says Charli Moore.

Make Money Traveling – Earn Anywhere
Wil examines the ways he can boost his travels funds.

The Truth About My Time in Myanmar
Bessie Crum reveals the difficulties in her job recruiting teachers from around the world to volunteer in Myanmar.

Starting a Business in Norway
Settled in Norway, Andrea shares some information on her new business launch.

What You Need To DJ Around The World
Michael Tieso finds most of his gigs at expat bars and passes on his recommendations for the hardware and software needed to DJ as you travel.

Building the Dream in Peru’s Cloud Cocoa Land
Tatiana and Andrew Bruton’s long standing dream came true when they finally opened their hostel in a remote Peruvian valley.

Finding Quellomayo
When even the local police force don’t know they exist, Andrew Bruton realises it is going to be an uphill battle getting tourists to find his organic farm and hostel in a forgotten town near Cusco.

Ask the Experts: Where Should I Spend my Australian Working Holiday?
STA answer a question.

Selling Sugar Cane in Ethiopia
For an initial investment of 50 cents Leif starts a sugar cane business in the tourist filled village of Lalibella.

Singapore for Grads and the Working Holiday Pass
Serial expat Edna Zhou’s guide for anyone who may be thinking about moving to Singapore to find work is especially relevant to new graduates.

How I Made Money While Travelling
Vicky Philpott is currently the editor of the Hostelbookers blog and has written for many publications but in the past she has worked at English immersion camps in Spain and summer camps in America.

How I Can Still Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
How Wandering Earl’s income earning activities have evolved from teaching English in a park in Thailand and working on a cruise ship.

Nomadic Interviews: Christy & Kali of Technosyncratic
Christy and Kali use their internet business to fund a lifestyle that has taken them around the US in an RV, housesitting in London and living in Thailand.

Housesitting in Europe
More advice from experienced house sitters Dalene and Peter Heck.

An Insight Into Inn Sitting
Skott and Shawna looked after a soon to be opened hotel in the highlands of Panama.

Top 10 Reasons To “Sit” Through Retirement
Angela Laws points older travellers in the direction of house sitting.

Expert House-sitting Advice from Author Teresa Roberts
The Jet Set Citizen interviews the author of Finding the Gypsy In Me – Tales of An International House Sitter.

Our Moment of Fame in Bollywood
After the stars have walked the red carpet the extras try to spot themselves in the film.

Housesitting 101
Regularly quizzed about how they go about getting housesitting gigs, Dalene and Pete provide some answers.

Housesitting 201
More excellent advice on living rent free in someone else’s home.

The Manor – in Photos (part 2)
The Hecks are temporarily to the manor born.

A Week in the Life – Day 1 – Travel and Work
This time the Hecks shoot some video of their housesitting gig in Brussels.

Where to Stay – For Free Around the World
Erin of Never Ending Voyage relates her, and husband Simon’s, experiences of cadging free accommodation across the globe.

Want to See the World on a Budget? Become a Global House Sitter
Angela and John Laws are part of a growing travel trend thanks to the custom connections provided by house sitting websites.

Trust and Travel (and House-Sitting)
Dalene and Pete Heck are given a stranger’s car and house keys.

How to Travel the World and NOT Pay for Hotels
We’ve featured quite a few house sitting posts by Dalene and Peter Heck. Here’s another.

My Housesitting Guide
Talon has looked after homes in a few countries now. This is part one of his guide.

All About House Sitting
Regulars of this column, the Hecks, put together a big Pinterest board of house sitting articles.

How to Become a House Sitter and Never Pay for Accommodation
Dalene and Pete Heck spread the house sitting word via Nomadic Matt’s site.

House Sitting in New Zealand: Borrowing a Kiwi Burrow
Charli and Ben have looked after eleven homes since leaving the UK, including this one on the other side of the world.

Adventures in Housesitting
After some 450 days taking care of other people’s properties, Dalene and Pete Heck share some of the crazy situations they’ve gotten into while housesitting.

Housesit on Your Next Vacation
Just back from her latest house sitting gig in one of America’s most expensive cities, Maggie Wells presents her etiquette tips for house sitters.

10 Tips for Landing the Perfect House-Sitting Gig
A some-time Caribbean island resident thanks to house sitting, Nora Dunn follows up on her Wisebread colleague Maggie Wells’ advice by suggesting ways you can get your own house sitting gig.

How to See the World by House Sitting
Betsy Talbot writes her post from someone else’s cosy, top floor flat in an old building in Brussels.

Living For Free In Paradise
As a seasoned aficionado of house sitting porn I swear I recognise  Zeus and Zara, the German Shepherd dogs Meg and Tony looked after in Koh Samui.

Free Accommodation? Where Do I Sign Up!
Some words and useful links on literally getting your foot in someone’s door.

Long Term Travel and House Sitting – An Aussie Couple Share Their Story
Nicole and Michael tell us about their life as traveling house sitters from Florida to London to Barbados.

How to Get Free Accommodations (and Paid Jobs) on Boats
Nora Dunn lived and sailed on five boats in two months. In return for helping out with business ventures, cooking meals or just providing an extra set of helping hands she got a bed and fed.

Update, Looking Back, and Living and Working in New Zealand
Along with his own online ventures, Backpacking Matt is involved in running a web start up promoting mountain biking in New Zealand.

How I Became a Moviestar (And How You Can Too)
Matt plays the lead in a student film.

My Life as a German Movie Star
Adventurous Kate dances, dances and dances some more in Thailand for German movie Tourist in Danger.

SWF in Syria: Torn Between Two Husbands
From American backpacker to British aristocrat in one take.

Backpackers to Bollywood Actors: An Interesting Day in Mumbai, India
Nicole and Cameron Wears break into Bollywood.

What the F*ck is Busking!?
From mime to music via magic, Off Track Planet looks at ways to make money on the streets.

How to Pay for Your Travels by Busking
Linda and Craig Martin talk to professional busker Annie Chambers and her partner Colin Callanan about their experiences busking to finance their travels.

Essential Packing List for Musicians
Guitarist Lachie McLeod suggests a list of items for travelling tunemeisters.

Nomadic Interviews: Kirsty the Nerdy Nomad
Kirsty Henderson makes her living by selling advertising on her numerous websites.

Wife-Hunting: How to Marry a Brazilian Model
Four hour week dude Tim Ferriss interviews Jeremiah Thompson, a photographer of Brazilian bikini models.

An Interview With Susan Griffith
It is no exaggeration to say that this blog would never had existed had Susan Griffith not written the magnificent Work Your Way Around the World.

Working Holiday Visas: What You Should Know
A rundown of getting a short term work visa in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Travelers Talk Back: Working While Traveling
The editors of five blogs explain the methods they use to make a living while they travel.

Be Brave and Busk!
Amberly Young plays the ukulele and bounces her voice down the alleyways.

Working Crew on Survivor TV Show: pt 2- Life on Crew
Lash works hard and tries new cocktails.

Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 3 – Second Week in the Amazon
The continuing adventures of Lash’s job in the Brazilian Amazon.

Working Crew on Amazon Survivor pt 4 – My Job on the Dream Team
Once again we join Lash in the Brazilian Amazon.

Sod, Sod, and More Sod – Archaeology in the Alaskan Tundra
Jess writes from Quinhagak, Alaska – a beautifully preserved pre-contact Yu’pik Eskimo village.

House Sitting Can Help Snowbirds Head South for the Winter
A snowbird is someone, traditionally a retiree, from the Northern USA or Canada who spends the winter months in a warmer location.

My Second Australian Working Holiday Visa
Conor Walsh’s application for his second WHV wasn’t without its headaches.

Backpacker Jobs How-to
Having already answered why they are willing spending a month of their lives shovelling horse poo, the Coastguard Couple provide information on how they found work in Australia.

How I Fund Our Family Travel
Talon Windwalker, who left the USA with his son and $900 in savings, explains how he is still on the road.

Life on a Moroccan Oasis
Talon Windwalker shares a slice of his house sitting life in a remote location.

How to Make Money Traveling & Living Abroad: Being Location Independent to Volunteering (Part I Travel Jobs)
Christine Ka’aloa offers a number of ideas and resources for finding work abroad.

How to Make Money Traveling & Living Abroad: Being Location Independent to Volunteering (Part II)
The second part of Christine Ka’aloa’s guide to adding or keeping dollars, pounds or shekels in your pocket while moving around the planet considers location independence and volunteering.

Working With Race Horses Sounded Cool…
The reality though is “working with horses” is code in the industry for “showing up to work at 3.45am to shovel horse poop.”

This is the Ideal Travel Work Skill Set
Wade Sheppard says you will find yourself financially bulletproof anywhere in the world if you have experience in three professions, at least one continuous stream of online income, and something that you can do in the streets.

The Jobs We’ve Had Working Around the World
Caz and Craig Makepeace get inundated with emails and questions asking how someone can travel around the world. Their answer, gained from their own experience, is always make it a working holiday.

9 Ways To Travel The World For Free (Or Even Get Paid To Do It!)
Yara Coelho found ways to move around despite her lack of money and presents some ways you can too.

Which Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas for Canadians?
Kelly Dunning shares information with fellow Canucks that have dreamed of working abroad.

Reader Story: How Jessica and Her Boyfriend Worked Their Way Around the World
Nomadic Matt talks to Jessica and Brent on how they work odd jobs overseas to pay for their travels.

My Housesitting Guide
Talon Windwalker puts together a…

My Housesitting Guide, Part 2
…two part guide to living rent free in someone else’s home.

Flight Attendant to Nomad Caretaker: How One Woman is Creating Her Dream Travel Lifestyle
Alethea Smartt LaRowe got the travel bug early and made sure her career enabled her to travel. When she left her job with an airline she took on the role of a property caretaker in Portland.

Away We Go
Jules Sanderson runs away to join the circus.

A Franco-Vietnamese Cabaret in Saigon – Heaven and Hell in One Job
Adam Robert Young is given the task of shooting the food and performances at Bo Nong, a new French-owned cabaret-style restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

My House Sitting Nightmare: Learn From My Mistakes
There’s quite a lot of bad experiences in this issue of Workers of the World. Jeannie Mark’s tale of looking after a flea-bitten moggy is another.

One Thrifty Drifter’s Guide To House Sitting Websites
With a dog at her feet and a kitten on her lap, Jenna writes her guide from a beautiful Chinese shophouse in World Heritage Site Georgetown, Malaysia.

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