TEFL and Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teaching English at Siyuan University in Xi’an, China Review and Guide
Michael Tieso offers his opinion on working for a Chinese University.

Miss Ellie takes pictures of her class as they graduate.

Teaching English Abroad: A Tripbase.com Guide to Studying, Qualifying and Doing
An in-depth guide to becoming an English teacher.

Teaching in Korea In Depth: Pros, Cons and What You Need to Know
If at first you don’t succeed in creating a one-stop resource for people looking to teach in South Korea, try, try again.

How to Teach English Abroad
Adventure Rob has kept himself fed abroad by standing in front of a group of strangers and talking.

8 Questions You Keep Asking About Teaching ESL Overseas
Despite ten years in the job, Sally Thelen is astonished people keep bugging her for advice on teaching English abroad.

Teaching in New Zealand Versus the UK – Where’s Best?
Andrew is shown around a New Zealand school and compares it to the UK, where he taught in a secondary school in East London for four years.

Teaching English (and Gossip!) in Thailand
One thing you learn fairly quickly as a teacher in Thailand, says Jessica Hill, is that your local counterparts love a good gossip.

Diary of an ESL Teacher: Learning to Love Thailand
Jessica Hill answers questions about her six-month contract in Thailand.

Ask Poi and Kirsty Anything: Is it Easy to Get a Teaching Job?
Kirsty is asked by someone looking to teach in Thailand what type of qualifications schools looking for and where you start applying for jobs?

Failures in Sarcasm
When a lesson plan can go horribly wrong.

What Life as an English Teacher in Thailand is Really Like
Chris Clancy visited Thailand ten years ago and loved it so much he couldn’t bring himself to leave.

Teaching Abroad Will Ruin Your Life
Mitch Gordon has interacted with hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have taught abroad. He knows of at least two who had negative experiences and wants to save you from becoming the third.

Scam Alert: The Foreign Teacher Fraud
The China Foreign Teachers Union reports that approximately half of all foreign teachers in China have been swindled. There are ten tricks used by agents and private schools to scam teachers. Here are a few of them.

Get Paid to Teach English at a Palace in Bangkok Thailand
Turner Barr suggests working at a university that looks like a Palace.

Chat With an Expat – TalkTalking English with a Mug of Mare’s Milk in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
JR Riel puts the questions to his friend Scott Muehlbauer on living and teaching in Mongolia.

You Look Very Terrible, Miss Mary: Unsolicited Advice for the Laowai
MaryAnne Oxendale is told she is having a bad hair day.

What You Need to Know to Teach English on Location in South America
James Burt is a writer and ESL teacher currently based out of La Plata, Argentina.

Being an Older Non-Korean Korean in Korea
The experiences of an older foreign but Korean teacher in Korea put to video.

Why I Avoided Teaching English Abroad And Why You Shouldn’t Too
The reality of teaching English as a study abroad student in Beijing.

Teaching in China: the Ins and Outs
Jeannie Mark explains the bureaucracy involved in getting a teaching position in China.

How to Find a Job in Japan
Kizzle admonishes her cousin and sets about providing advice to those wanting to work in Japan (and even offers a little help for those who want to teach in South Korea).

Teaching English Overseas: How Finding Your Own Students Can Really Pay Off
With less travel to work and higher fees Connor Davies realised he enjoyed private teaching on the side more than his main job.

Newbie EFL Teacher Comes Up For Air
The Travel’nLass describes her life teaching in Saigon.

Anatomy of a Teacher Dinner
Lauren sits on the floor and picks at fat-encrusted pork wondering how she can get the hell out of there.

Stop Rubbing It In My Face
From clothes dryers to eavesdropping, here are some of the things missed by a teacher in Taiwan.

Something Different – Jermaine Justice on Parent Effectiveness Training in China
An interview with Jermaine Justice who went to China to teach English but ended up doing something else.

Applying to to the Auxiliares Program: How to Apply to be a Language Assistant in Spain
The North American Language and Culture Assistants program allows Cat to make Spain her hogar dulce hogar.

Working Wednesdays: K3 Graduation Picnic and day of sightseeing on Hong Kong Island
Just one day of the 700 or so Jonny Blair spent working in Hong Kong.

Teaching English in China Part One – The Journey Begins
Excerpts from Carrie Kellenberger’s handwritten journals from 2003.

How to Save $17,000 Teaching in Korea For 1 Year
Audrey Bergner reveals how she made the money she is currently spending on her travels around Southeast Asia.

How I Taught English in China WITHOUT a Degree
Though her pay would be lower than a graduate, Aston Language Centre offered this English teacher a way out of England.

The Politics of Teaching English in China
The same teacher as above quickly learned that Chairman Mao, sex, and Tiananmen Square are some of the off-limits topics in China.

Finding a Job Placement Teaching English in China: Part 3
Sammy Corfield is mentally undressed by middle-aged Chinese women and has a row about bananas.

Staying Sane While Teaching English Abroad
Writing for Art of Backpacking, Jessica Watson provides some tips from her experiences teaching in Bangkok and Phnom Penh.

Facing Discrimination in China
Jeannie Mark finds that despite being Canadian and speaking English as her first language, when it comes to teaching English her Chinese face doesn’t fit in China.

Notes on Working in China (the Bossing-Teachers-Around Edition)
MaryAnne Oxendale is in charge now.

Teaching English in Sumatra, Indonesia: The Unexpected Gifts
Lisa Egle presents a TEFL workshop to 35 Indonesian English in Western Sumatra.

Conversations In A Classroom Of Boys
Before she got her head around the Korean accent, Audrey Bergner spent a blissful three months unable to comprehend her students’ comments on her hair and shoes and recommendations on where to buy poison.

4 Tips Before Signing the Contract
Nomadic Samuel divies up some tips on negotiating the last, crucial step for landing a teaching job abroad.

How to Teach Around the World
Caz Makepeace presents an overview of working abroad as an English language teacher.

Lessons Learned From Teaching in Thailand: Respect Knowledge
This time as a falang teacher, Caz learns from her students in Thailand.

Doing a Working Holiday in Central or Eastern Europe
Guest writer Roy worked in Prague.

Slow Travel Germany: George on How Teaching in a Little German Village Changed Her Life
Despite her initial disappointment in not being placed in a lively city, Georgina Young’s English language assistant job in Rodenbach led her into the life of travelling slowly and teaching she enjoys today.

Saying Goodbye AGAIN: The Annoying Heartbreak of Being a Teacher That Nobody Warns You About
A modicum of stability means, for once, it is others flitting in and out of MaryAnne Oxendale’s life.

Gretchen: Teaching in Iraq after Korea Leads to a Book Deal
A $39,000 credit card debt and good wages entices Gretchen to take a teaching job in Iraq.

(Real) Japanese Schoolgirls
Jana Fadness admonishes anime nerds and describes what Japanese schoolgirls are really like.

How to Get a Job Teaching English Abroad
Michelle interviews her friend Leana as she was preparing for her teaching position in Taiwan.

Teaching English in Vietnam Vs South Korea
Nicky compares the weather, the children, pay, hours and overall lifestyle of two countries where she has taught English.

Lost in Korea: Introducing Kissairis Munoz
The Lost Girls begin the chronicle of Kissairis Munoz, an English teacher working in South Korea.

Thoughts From a First Time English Teacher in Thailand
Kirsty reveals the best bits, hardest bits and biggest surprises in her new role.

Notes on my Surposed Unemployment: The September Edition
Though no longer teaching in Shanghai Mary Anne Oxendale is kept busy marking exams and working as a language expert for the British Council.

I’m Going to Teach Abroad (And Hopefully Eat Lots of Kimchi)
Sheryll signs up for an online TEFL course and the English Program in Korea (EPIK).

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming an ESL Teacher Overseas
Unbrave Girl Sally writes about something other than cookies, pants or her couch.

”I Look Different, But I Promise I’m Not Scary”
Jessica Watson says not to worry if your students start crying at the sight of the strange creature standing before them. It is perfectly normal even if, to them, you are not.

Teaching English in China. Interview with Michael Tieso
Art of Backpacking’s Michael Tieso answers questions about his time teaching in Xi’an.

Roni Gets Harassed by Teenage Girls
Mindful of the repercussions, Roni Weiss takes a zero tolerance view when a 13 year old starts calling him her boyfriend.

A Totally Practical Way to See the World
Serial English teacher Mary Anne Oxendale talks to PocketCultures about living in Shanghai.

14 Notes on teaching English in a Chinese university, in the middle of a quiet burnout and impending unemployment
On her own blog this time Mary Anne provides an honest portrait of the stresses of life in the classroom.

Anna: A Fellowship That Pays You to Teach and Travel in Spain
Anna Drapkin talks to TeachingTraveling.com about her eight months living and teaching in southern Spain.

English Camp in Korea: What it’s Like
The Bohemian Traveler taught at Jeju International English village.

Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes Teaching English Abroad
From getting anal about commas and semi colons to teaching with a hangover, this Tripbase article outlines some TEFL no nos.

A Reflection on Teaching in Thailand – Becoming a Better Teacher
Caz Makepeace writes on WorldNomads.com about her time as a farang teacher in Bangkok.

Stood up on my first online date…
To extend her travels for as long as possible Kirsty took an online TEFL course and prepared to get a teaching job in Thailand. Here she explains what happens (or not) in a skype interview.

Nomadic Interviews: Wandering Earl
Earl Barron sidestepped the traditional route to teaching English when he started his own classes in a park in Thailand. Earl also discusses his life working on board cruise ships and selling ebooks.

Teaching ESL – Which English do you Teach
British or American English? Rolf Potts investigates who wants what and where.

Interview with Johnny – 50 Countries in 4 Years
Never having had a ‘real job’, Northern Irishman Johnny has been financing his travels by teaching English since 2006.

Natalie: A TEFL Teacher’s Project to Help Slavery Victims in Gabon
South African Natalie talks about slavery, extreme ironing, and having tiny Korean fingers shoved up her bum.

Boomers Teaching Abroad: Can You Hack It?
Advice for baby boomers thinking of a late career teaching English.

Teaching English in Medellin
Despite being at times disappointed and discouraged, Ana found work as an English teacher in Colombia. Her article also provides a short list of English schools and institutes in the area.

17 Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a TEFL Job
Beverly Gallagher helps you weed out the good from the bad and the ugly before taking a TEFL job.

Teaching English and Living as an Expat in Pakistan
Heather Carreiro offers an expat teacher’s view of working in an often maligned country.

Expat Life: Working in China
Sasha Peakall’s experiences in China.

Why Hong Kong Needs English Teachers
Jonny Blair gives five reasons why Hong Kong needs native English speaking teachers.

Mike and Ashley are living and working in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Should You Teach English in Korea? A 10 Question Quiz to Help You Find Out
Your entire lifestyle will change if deciding to head to Korea to work as a teacher. To see if you’re ready for those changes – and to see if you’re cut out for this line of work – take this quiz.

Teaching English in China: 5 Things You Need to Know
The where, what, why and how of teaching in China.

Learning on the Job – Schools in Russia
Some interesting tid bits about the secondary education system in Russia.

From TEFL in Thailand to Fully Qualified in London
Having taught English in Thailand, Kirsty returned home with boyfriend Poi to get professional teaching qualifications.

Can You Really Make Money Teaching English in Japan? Gaijin vs Godizilla Edition
Brenna Holeman taught in Japan for over two years, from 2008 to 2010, because she needed money, and a lot of it.

How to Quit Your Job, Leave for India, & Teach English Abroad
Gigi interviews Anita, who taught English to Tibetan refugees.

Teach Abroad in China: 10 Unexpected Challenges of Working with University Students
Though she wasn’t a first time teacher Jessica Hill had no idea what to expect before stepping into her first class in front of Chinese university students.

Why Teaching English is the Perfect Job for Travel Addicts
The simple answer is money but Linda Martin offers a little more detail than that.

Diary of an ESL Teacher: Ray and Kailin Find Love in Russia
Lauren Miller tells us the story of Kailin and Ray, who fell in love while teaching English in Russia, got married, and decided to continue their life abroad by teaching in Taiwan.

And Then I Became a Teacher…
Lindsay Clark stares back at 26 international students who seem to be expecting a high quality, dynamic, innovative education in the realm of Creative Arts… from her.

IamA international school teacher in Shanghai, China. AMA
Questions on international schools and expat life are answered on Reddit.

NSFW (And Other Letters)
Aliens like to eat penis according to Che’s class of ten year olds.

Everything you Need to Know about the Auxiliar de Conversacion Program in Spain
Kate Peregrina describes Spain’s Language and Culture Assistants programme as the most rewarding, most stressful, and easiest job she’s ever had.

How I Survived My First Year Teaching English Abroad (And How You Can Too!)
Jessica didn’t know just how unprepared she was for teaching abroad for a year before she headed to Thailand.

Working Abroad in Greece – TEFL
Rebecca Hall half hoped she might swan around the world for a while, teaching English somewhere hot like Thailand or Vietnam. Instead one of the steepest learning curves awaited her when she went to teach in Greece.

How To Get the Most out of TEFL in Thailand
Robert Oakden says Teaching English as a Foreign Language gives you an excellent opportunity to travel, gain work experience, and earn good money at the same time.

Teaching English in Spain with BEDA : My School & Schedule
Jessica Wray is pleased to return to the workforce after teaching at a school in Korea that didn’t always provide a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Top 5 Reasons Why I HATE the Auxiliar Program in Spain
Liz Carlson breaks up with Spain.

Benjamin and Chloe
Meet two of the little characters who have played giant roles in the life of Kelsey, a teacher in South Korea.

A Day in the Life of an English Teacher
23 year old Drew teaches in South Korea.

First Day Back: GIF Style
Maggie Moo emotes through the medium of GIFs.

Teaching English in Thailand: How to Get a Job You Actually Want
Mahala Proch, teaching English in Thailand’s Phuket, tells us why being a successful teacher is more important to her than being a “Goddess”.

I Gave It A Year
Back home in a minimum wage job, Steven Neish reflects on his year teaching in Syktyvkar, Russia.

Sarah Shaw convinces Jorge to write rude words on a whiteboard.

Unrest in Bangladesh and the Luxury of Being an Expat
40 deaths in the streets makes this English teacher realise that, even without the familiarity of Western comforts, expat life is a bubble.

Scottish Expat Living in Viet Nam – Interview with Jennie
As a university graduate stuck in a rut in the UK Jennie completed a TEFL course which has taken her around the world teaching, learning new experiences and travelling to places she never thought possible.

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