Tourism , Catering and Hospitality Jobs Abroad

Things I Will Miss About Working in a Hostel
From the bands to feeling like a local, Kurt and Dayna list the things they will miss working in an Irish hostel.

How to Become a Tour Guide
After spotting an advert on the internet in September 2010, Caitlyn O’Dowd starts leading tour groups around Europe for Busabout.

How to get Paid to Backpack around Europe
Caitlyn O’Dowd writes about becoming a tour guide.

Let the Training Begin…
19 countries, over 12,000km, 68 days; welcome to Contiki training.

Work on a Cruise Ship and See the World
Rachael Taft, who has worked, studied, volunteered and travelled in 29 countries, describes some of the roles to be had at sea.

Preparing for Guests Aboard a Megayacht Can Be Stressful for the Crew (but fun, too!)
There is a lot of pressure on the crew before a yacht owner or group of yacht-charter guests comes aboard for a trip. But as a yacht stewardess, Julie found the team-wide commotion to be exhilarating.

How to Find a Job Working in the Greek Islands
Turner Barr recommends a strong liver and a tolerance for Australians named Chad as the basic requirements for finding summer work in the Greek tourist industry.

Bar Work
A dollar is a dollar so Samuel puts up with a job in a shitty bar in the sex district of Yokohama.

Vampire Hours
Dark times for Samuel who has his bum stroked by a gay Yakuza and is asked to procure prostitutes for group sex.

An Overland Vehicle
Natalie and Dave consider what will make a good vehicle for their overland company.

Staff of Hostels all Around the World, What is the Weirdest Shit You’ve Ever Seen Happening Amongst Backpackers?
From crapping out drugs smuggled out of Singapore to punching a suicidal guy in the face, hostel workers tell all in this frequently hilarious Reddit discussion.

Biggest Night Ever
On every Greek Island he visits every bartender, bouncer and bar owner knows his name as leading a group of young Australians John O’Sullivan has the power to make a bar owner’s night.

Working for Peppermint Bars at Festivals
Vicky Philpott gets into festivals without paying.

Three Weeks In India…A Recap Of My First Tour
Wandering Earl presents his thoughts after leading his first tour.

Starting Life as a Tour Guide
David Hutt describes his first week leading tourists up and down volcanoes near Leon, Nicaragua.

An Animator in Italy…
Arriving skint in Italy after an invitation to stay with a friend she met in Honduras leads Angela into dancing in front of a room full of children.

Working on a Cruise Ship. Number 1
With her experience as an animator in the bag, Angela landed a job working on a cruise ship around the Caribbean.

Interview With a Bartender
TNT speak with Marianne van der Kooy, a Dutch traveller who found bar work in a small Western Australian town.

ATC Abandones the Cube and Opens a Bar
Cube abandoners Lauren and Mike take over a cube sized bar in Beijing.

One Month In: The ATC Bar
A month in to taking over a tiny Beijing bar, Lauren and Mike show us some pictures.

Finding a Job in Greece: the Pink Palace
From the Sperm-cuzzi to the naughty Norwegian cougars looking for fresh meat, Turner observes the staff working at a Corfu institution, the Pink Palace.

Animation – An Adventure Job Abroad
The honest and sometimes brutal facts for everything you need to know about the life of an animator, including answering the question: just what is an animator anyway?

Bartending Down Under: What I’ve Learned
Caroline Eubanks takes on the Aussies at their own game.

Foreigners Living in Peru: Australian Café Owner in Cusco
One of the owners of the popular Jack’s Cafe in Cusco answers questions about running a business in Peru.

The Travel Life of a Flight Attendant Based Overseas
Nomadic Samuel quizzes his Thai friend on her job.

The Ordinarily Extraordinary Life of a British Expat and Assistant Manager of SAE
Helena Houghton worked in the Lima clubhouse of South American Explorers, where she dispensed advice and help to passing travellers.

Beware of Strokers
Turner describes the people who flip the script on a timeshare salesman’s ass.

How on Earth Did I End up in Egypt?
Claire’s journey from adventure tour leader to owning a travel company and guest house in Dahab.

Setting Off For Another Adventure in France
An English woman writes about her experience as the head of housekeeping in a chateaux in Normandy.

How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel
Earl explains how cruise ships, English teaching and online ventures have helped him to be able to keeping wandering for the past 12 years.

Live Chat! From Cruise Ships To Kabul With Long Term Traveler Wandering Earl
Foxnomad Anil hosts a live chat with Wandering Earl where some of the conversation covers working on board cruise ships and other ways to make a living abroad.

You Only Live Once – The Time-We Worked on a Swingers Cruise
Mica and Mike earn themselves a free cruise and some cash in exchange for looking after the ship’s ‘playroom’.

Jill of all Trades
Lauren works her way in Australia as a Carny, bungee trampoline operator and hostel cleaner.

New Beginnings
Stalking the blog of an expat Aussie landed this Loca Girl a job in Cusco.

Why I’ve Become a Tour Guide
The Gringo Starr’s long journey from keeping an eye on 14 year old sex pests in London to leading walking tours around Buenos Aires.

How to Sail Around the World on a Luxury Yacht
Liv’s advice for working your way around the world’s seas.

How to Become a Yachtie!
Superyacht stewardess Katie Wilter encourages us to join the yachting industry.

Katie Wilter
This time Katie answers questions posed by The Stewardess Bible.

Who Says Work Can’t be Fun?
Annie, the Wayward Traveller, lands two jobs on the same day. One as a tour leader, the other a gig as a contributing writer for a website.

A Day in My Life in Ketchikan, AK
Susan Shain’s day as a (floating) office manager for a sea kayaking company in Alaska.

Pushing the Boat Out: Our Guide to Becoming a Yacht Chef
What qualities does it take to work in a small, confined space hundreds of miles away from home for months at a time? Sam Boland answers the questons.

Yacht Stews Must Be Prepared for Anything Demanding Guests Request (or Might Request)
Julie and her fellow stewards went overboard to make sure the billionaire guests on a megayacht chartered for the Monaco Grand Prix had all their requests met – even when the stews were caught off guard.

Confessions of a Hotel Insider
Jacob Tomsky shares some secrets from his ten years working in hotels.

Cabin Crew at 18- Too Young?
An 18 year old cabin crew member answers questions.

Cheffing in Cambodia
Richard Bias is the executive chef of a hotel in Siem Reap.

How I Started A Small Tour Company
Despite not knowing a thing about running a tour when he began, Wandering Earl goes ahead and does it anyway.

Flying on the A380!
An interview with Jay from International Fly Guy who is Cabin Crew for a leading airline and works frequently on the Airbus A380.

Reader Story: How Arielle Found a Job Working on a Yacht
Arielle explains to Nomadic Matt how she found a job working on a yacht in order to realize her dream of seeing the world.

Working In Hostels – The Ultimate Guide
What it’s like to work at a backpacker hostel, whether as a paid worker or volunteer.

Semper Gumby
The Coast Guard Couple end their east coast Australia adventure with a spot of hostel work before picking flying to New Zealand to deliver a yacht back across the Tasman Sea.

What NOT to do When Looking for a Yacht Crew Job!
If you are an obese, smelly, unpunctual loud drunkard and don’t know your place you are unlikely to land a crewing job any time soon.

Outback Pub Life
Tiffany and Greg learn to play cricket and discover more deadly critters in Australia.

Thoughts on Becoming a Tour Guide (And Highlights From Europe)
Nomadic Matt discovers a new appreciation for every tour guide he’s ever met after he does the job himself.

The Struggle of Telling Travelers Your Hostel is Full
Have you heard the one about two travellers walking in to a hostel and asking for two beds for two nights?

Virgin Atlantic Staff Travel: Perks of the Job!
Nicole Mongy makes us jealous writing about the advantages of working for Virgin.

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