WorldWideWorker: Katie Wilter, Superyacht Stewardess

WorldWideWorker: Katie Wilter, Superyacht Stewardess

Rhodes graduate Katie Wilter is a graphic designer and social media enthusiast with itchy feet. Now a super yacht stewardess she is seeing the world from a porthole and blogging about it. When we spoke to Katie she was heading along the east coast of the USA from Nova Scotia back down to Florida.

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  1. luisa sandoval

    hi hellow, could i ask for a help on how to get a job that are related on cruises or yatch, i am a filipino recently working as domestic worker here in singapore. and i am a two year graduate of hotel and restaurant management. . if you have an open job for me like stewardes? thanks a lot.

  2. Eliot Dean

    I’m interested in working on a yacht. I live in USA right now but am moving to France. Are there any positions open in France?

  3. Massimo Piazza

    Working on such yachts must be awesome. On the other hand it highly depends on the people you are working for. πŸ™‚ Well.. in some cases even on a type of yacht you are working in. Sometimes you have to be a really good swimmer. πŸ˜€

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