WorldWideWorker: Latoya Brown, Social Media Marketing

WorldWideWorker: Latoya Brown, Social Media Marketing

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Latoya Brown is currently living in Bangkok. With a background of over ten years in public relations she made the digital switch about five years ago and now exclusively works in the social media marketing world.

What experience or qualifications do you have for the position?
I have experience in public relations and marketing. My educational background is PR and psychology.

How did you find your job?
I created this job. I have had clients of which I have found online.

How much are you paid?
This varies by client as per how they want their campaign to unfold and be presented. I have a team of people I work with such as graphic designers and web developers.

Are you doing the job for love or money?
I do it for both. I enjoy seeing what makes people react and the psychology of marketing.

Tell us a little about your average day?
My average day right now:

7am – awakened by a teen who is up going to play tennis.

7:05am – back asleep.

10am – awake!

10:30am – on the computer for updates.

11am – usually eating and checking in to see how my daughter did in her tennis and what her schedule looks like for the day.

Noon – 5pm – working for clients and always prospecting for new ones. At the same time as I am working I am also homeschooling.

5pm – dinner.

6pm – salsa dancing or movies or whatever else may interest me.

What are the best bits of your job?
And the worst? My best part is the planning and implementation. My worst part is that client who believes that social media will make everyone buy their book/product/service and they expect results that week.

So, have you ever wanted to throttle anyone?
Throttle? No. As for clients who refuse to “get it” I simply let them know I can no longer assist them and to keep in touch. Currently my biggest challenge of a client is my teen daughter who has a travel blog. Geesh! Attitude, teenage hormones, and she’s a client all bundled up in to one big bag of joy. *sarcasm

Are you in this job for a while, or planning to do something else in the future?
I am in this position for a while, but currently am looking for other businesses to partner, buy, or create.

Any tips for those wanting to work in social media marketing?
For those wanting to work in social media we do more than just sit on Facebook all day. Do your research as to trends in the market and be ready to provide great service to your clients or else you won’t have any clients.


Latoya’s blog can be found at where she offers a free ebook on utilising social media for personal and business growth. She has also become the unofficial and unpaid publicist for her teenage daughter’s blog:

Latoya Brown, Social Media Marketing

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