My 7 Links

My 7 Links

I rarely remember dreams. The only one I can recall from childhood involved being in a series of underground tunnels. Wandering through the tunnels on my own I eventually came to a hole in the dried mud wall where I could observe my friends enjoying themselves together in another room but not breach the wall to join in myself.

My best interpretation of this dream is the obvious one: of feeling like an outsider.

I felt this again recently when the My 7 Links meme did the rounds. Despite thousands of other bloggers taking part I thought this had passed us by until Rosemarie John of Travel and Beyond kindly nominated us.

A year after most others had participated I was in two minds whether to write this post or not. In the end I decided to wait a while longer until our two year blogging anniversary was coming up when it would be a good excuse for a little reflection on some of our posts from the past.

My Most Beautiful Post

At first appearance Life in a Little Room in a Big World looks like a moan about living in grotty one room accommodation. The squished bug stains on the thin walls, leaky roof and unprivate bathroom paint a depressing picture. It’s not until the final paragraphs that the article reveals itself to be the uplifting piece I intended it to be.

Backpacker accommodation in Dahab

My Most Popular Post

Though my experience of America is limited to eleven days of drunkenly falling out of hostel bunk beds, kitchen floor sex with strangers, and being followed into a toilet cubicle by two large dudes who didn’t like my (white) face in their bar, this researched piece on Travelling Across America on the Cheap regularly makes it to the top of our stats.

Travel Across the USA

My Most Controversial Post

I took a lot of time before I hit send to make sure I got Expats, the Property Ladder and the London Riots pitch perfect. The British obsession with tying up investment in their homes vastly reduces the chance of today’s working class youth from gaining a stake in society and, though I didn’t want to absolve the rioters, I knew I was probably swimming against the tide on an emotive and still raw issue.

Police at the London Riots

My Most Helpful Post

Though there is plenty of frivolous stuff, our whole website is essentially about helping people find a job abroad. But it is only rarely that we hear if anything we added to our sites has actually worked out for someone. In the case of Volunteer Work in Fairyland we have twice been contacted by readers that have made their way to Cappadocia to work in this cave hotel.

Fairy Chimney Inn, Goreme. Accommodation in Cappadocia

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

We make an effort to make sure sponsored posts are genuinely useful to our readers. I still weep over the loss of all the perfectly good money turned down because I didn’t think the articles fit us well enough. Nonetheless I am frequently pleased with sponsored posts especially when, as with Travelling and Work Opportunities in Backpacker Hostels, a day off from writing, money towards something shiney or chocolatey and the post does well to boot.

Working in Backpacker Hostels

A Post that didn’t get the Attention it Deserved

I thought people would bow to my genius when I adapted a famous The Frost Report sketch into a take on the snobbery of The Travel Class System: Location Independents, Backpackers & Cubicle Workers: but nobody did. Bastards.

Travel snobbery

The Post I am Most Proud of

I’m usually quite a nice person but when I lose it I don’t muck about and do so properly. I’m also quite a private person and Get in Touch With Your Inner Jerk: Keeping and Losing Your Cool on Your Travels was perhaps the first occasion where I moved away from writing purely informative articles and revealed something personal about myself. In this case I showed just how much of a cretin I can be on occasion.

Losing your temper when travelling

So there you have it. I’m not going to nominate anyone to carry this on because surely there isn’t anyone left who hasn’t already participated. But if you haven’t done your 7 links and are feeling left out please consider this your invitation to pick up the ball and run with it.

Images courtesy Kevin Hutchinson, william_79, Mike Mozart and mdanys

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