The Twitter 10: February 2011

The Twitter 10: February 2011

Our ten favourite articles that we tweeted in the past month.

This month features: @MatadorNetwork, @AliAdventures7, @2unb, @brendanvanson, @spunkygirllogue, @chickybus, @turkishtravel, @1Dad1Kid, @radioceleste, @driftingkiwi

How to Follow the Egyptian Uprising on Twitter
Let Mubarak know the world is watching by following these ground level bloggers and journalists covering the protests in Egypt.

My Twitter Love Story
From pixels to Prague, Ali describes her blossoming relationship with Andy of Grounded Traveler.

A Letter From Kim’s Old Backpack
An REI Venus 70 deals with rejection and looks forward to meeting someone new.

How Not to Pack Drunk
Brendan van Son handed over the reins of his blog while he was in Antarctica to guest writer Nikki. Judged by her antics here he can think himself very lucky to have got it back in one piece.

Lingerie, Swimwear and Saleswomen, Oh My
In a store changing room in France, Guest writer Jessalyn Pinneo gets a surprise and finds out how some things are done differently abroad.

Morals and Ethics of Travel Photography – When Shouldn’t You Take That Photo?
Lisa puts before us four different scenarios we each may face with our camera and asks ‘should we click?’

How to Capture the Amazing Beauty of Turkey
17 travel bloggers submit their photos and present a wonderful portrait of Turkey.

Getting Personal
The year of adventure begins with some revealing insights for a Zen monk hospice chaplain and his son Tigger.

Five Reasons I Love Being Petite
Travelling with a shorty I’m envious of the way they can curl up and sleep in the smallest spaces and have considered tagging as a way to keep track of them in a Chinese or Peruvian crowd. I’m sure Celeste Brash’s husband can sympathise.

Why Top 10 Posts Make My Head Explode
Dave rants against top 10 posts. We couldn’t agree more and, to show him our solidarity, reward him with a place in our… um..

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  1. Brendan van Son

    Hahaha… thanks for the inclusion… even if it wasn’t my work! Just for the record I fully endorsed Nikki and her antics, although I was a little bit nervous.

  2. Ali

    Thanks for including me! Can’t wait until I can post an update 🙂

  3. hahah i love how you included Dave’s “head explode” post. That’s great.
    I read a few of these articles up here already, but I’ve got some time to relax and enjoy this fine Thursday night, so, I think I’ll just take your advice and read the rest!
    -LAUR 🙂

    1. I so couldn’t resist, especally as I’m a fan of rants. Hope you enjoyed your relaxation time.

  4. Natalie

    Oh. So excited you included my post. Thank you very much.

    1. You’re welcome. Looking forward to having a drink with you when we return in the spring/summer.

  5. Dave

    Thanks so much for including my rant! It’s an absolute honour to be included in a Top 10 round up such as this.

    Oh wait.



    1. He he. Honoured to have you here, Dave. I’m thinking of including a post of yours every month just to see if your head really does explode.

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